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Ways to Uninstall Avast Antivirus Via Windows Without Any User Source

To do away with Avast ant-virus from windows (also known as AVG antivirus) you must first backup your system, because this is needed to generate a fix point in case nearly anything goes wrong. Given that you’ve backed up your system, it has the time to remove Avast antivirus. To uninstall Avast, just stick to the steps discussed below:

To uninstall avast, first down load and work the powermymac tool to delete the programs on your hard drive. Once you have work the powermymac tool, locate your computer’s hard drive and proceed to pull all of your dynamic programs into your working website directory. After you have dragged all of your programs into your working directory, apply your mouse to highlight each one of these people (make sure you’re focusing the correct folder otherwise you might delete one of your programs) and then right click on them. Click the „uninstall“ press button, and you should start to see the „Uninstall“ discussion box shows up.

The next step to removing Avast antivirus using this method is to use the built-in uninstaller within the software. To uninstall avast antivirus using this method, you first need to spread out the control panel, and then click the „Add/Remove Programs“ icon. This will allow you to browse through your pc’s files in order to find the courses that you want to eliminate, and it will possibly allow you to produce a new restore how to stop avast from blocking a website point before removing them. After getting selected this program to remove, you will be able click on the „uninstall“ button, that can bring up the uninstaller.