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“Tell them we have been good people”: A Recipe for Love

“Tell them we have been good people”: A Recipe for Love

Caring, kindness, patience, and understanding could be the recipe that cares for people who have intellectual disabilities in Kyiv.

Kyiv, Ukraine – “My life listed here is interesting. Life that he learned from watching the movie, Ip Man for me is like Yin and Yang”, says Vania, after happily showing off his Kung Fu fighting skills. Vania is amongst the over 180 individuals with intellectual disabilities whom arrive at the civil culture organization, Djerela, each year, to master various life abilities, attempting to be independent.

Djerela is just an organization that is kyiv-based provides trainings and services if you have intellectual disabilities. Included in these are people with down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, as well as other hereditary problems. Their approach that is unique helps individuals utilize art, enjoyable tasks, and excursions to master life abilities such as for instance interaction, and resolving conflicts. With various approaches, they could offer solutions such as for example expert guidance, social rehabilitation, master classes, and arts occasions.

Likewise, they offer possibilities for pupils and youth to find out more about individuals with disabilities through volunteer work, to meet up with individuals with intellectual disabilities by themselves. Their objective is always to raise understanding if you have intellectual disabilities, also to fight the discrimination and stigma against them.

We want it right here because I like to gain life abilities so when We learn, my entire life wouldn’t be so hard

Vania would go to classes as to what other people may think is easy, from using kettles, cleansing socks, or interacting with others. Like him, Lesha attends, and quite often shows those classes himself. “I want it here I learn, my life would not be so difficult”, he says because I like to gain life skills and when. Lesha loves to talk, party, paint, and it is proud to be innovative; things he explores inside the spare time.

Performing, theater, dancing, assisting other people, and communicating are a handful of classes Tanya involves Djerela for, frequently. Now 30, she’s got discovered a whole lot from arriving at the middle, and seems that she found her real calling. “Everyone loves it, i really like being right here” she says, “and i do believe that my life function is people” that are helping.

From artwork, performing, acting, to washing clothes, and speaking with individuals, Vania, Lesha, and Tanya, all individuals with intellectual disabilities, arrive at Djerela to master different life abilities. “I want to cook! Our Borsch could be the best!” Lesha says, after gladly dealing with exactly what he discovered in their classes.

A glass of Caring and A Liter of Patience

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Djerela ended up being started by a team of 20 mothers that are caring and it has now grown to 180, and joined up with by a huge selection of volunteers from across Kyiv, and some countries like Germany. The volunteers, mostly students of therapy, training, theater, or even gym, show these individuals their very own specialties. For Anna, a volunteer, it really is a tremendously worthwhile experience, “I left my boring office task because we ended up beingn’t pleased with it… I started volunteering right here plus it is like i’m actually doing one thing important in society, therefore I decided to follow it being a career”.

it feels as though i will be really something that is doing in society

Thinking she’d care for young ones, Daria stumbled on Djerela to aid individuals with psychological disabilities. To her shock, she had been met with hugs from grownups alternatively; a memory she would not forget. 6 years later, Daria, due to the fact projects coordinator, still volunteers using the company, and cares for those people. “It’s a hard task”, she claims, “because every person is quite various, and you also require an abundance of patience whenever you understand can help you tasks faster they need to learn” than them, but. It is additionally really satisfying, she noted, once they finally do discover everything we attempt to help them learn.

Spread Plenty of Understanding and Kindness

A lot of people in Ukraine continue to be perhaps not aware of the legal rights and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. There is certainly an idea that which they should always be used proper care of, and are usually perhaps maybe not with the capacity of any such thing. But individuals like Lesha have already been coming to Djerela for decades, and breaks those stereotypes. He really loves doing tasks that are administrative and it has been maintaining records of people that enter into the middle, an ability many people will never expect. He states, “I like being accountable, and using enrollment everyday”.

Fueled by kindness, Daria managed to get her objective to market the liberties of those people. “we saw and felt genuine kindness from all of these individuals, as soon as I discovered that they’re divided from their community, I made the decision to fight with their legal rights so everyone could comprehend them better”.

Making use of their “Communication without limitations” project, Djerela youth team won a $5,000USD grant from UNDP through the competition that is u-Inn. Because of this help, they’ll offer opportunities to Ukrainian students for more information about people who have disabilities through their very own experiences. The funds will also be utilized to market their work with universities for young adults and gain volunteers, to perform a camp for inclusive training and to market legal rights of men and women with disabilities when you look at the society.

By exposing more folks towards the realities of individuals with disabilities, Djerela hopes that individuals’ attitudes will alter about them, and they’ll be better incorporated into their communities. Included in the NGO “Coalition when it comes to Protection of Persons with Disabilities because of Intellectual Impairment”, they continue steadily to distribute their approach that is unique through system with more than 116 other companies.

Having a recipe of caring, patience, kindness, spreading understanding, and a household of very happy individuals, Djerela reduces inequalities if you have disabilities. Real sufficient, this excellent growing family members spreads a message for threshold and equality, and fighting stigma and discrimination with love. In this manner, they could distribute the term about individuals like Lesha, who would like to inform the planet, “we are nice people”.