Sheridan ‘talked of swingers’ pub visitors on video’

Sheridan ‘talked of swingers’ pub visitors on video’

The Tommy Sheridan perjury demo has been confirmed a 40-minute videos whereby the guy presumably admits to double visit a swingers’ group.

Through the record, a speech discovered by ex-colleague Carolyn Leckie as Mr Sheridan – are known mentioning: „accomplished it once earlier in ’96 and went back in 2003“.

Mr Sheridan great wife Gail, both 46, are on demo from the High legal in Glasgow accused of perjury.

They refute resting during his or her defamation instance up against the info of the World.

Mr Sheridan acquired ?’??200,000 in damage following the magazine created and printed accusations about his own private lifetime, declaring he ended up being an adulterer who’d saw a swingers’ dance club.

After a law enforcement analysis, Mr and Mrs Sheridan had been faced with perjury.

The videos record proven in the courtroom is alleged getting come forth after Mr Sheridan’s the courtroom win.

Once it ended up being starred the panel, a guy’s sound might heard stating: „Done it after prior to in ’96 and returned in 2003. at the moment it absolutely was a great idea“.

Past Scottish Socialist celebration (SSP) MSP and friend, Carolyn Leckie, said the express in the recording deciding to make the admission got that Mr Sheridan.

She discovered another husband of the record as George McNeilage, the very best husband at Mr Sheridan’s event.

The demo has recently noticed from several witnesses exactly who stated Mr Sheridan instructed an SSP fulfilling in 2004 that he have checked out a swingers’ nightclub.

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